Friday, December 29, 2006

Another bed time story...

I don't know why, but like my previous post, I'm writing quite late in the night (even though when I wake up it will still be "night" coz the sun will not rise until 11.30).

It's 2.30 am now, so I guess I will just update on what's going on in the last 8 days then go to sleep. One of the highlights would probably be exactly a week ago, I lost one of my close relatives. She just called me a few days before it happened, and suddenly I heard the news the first thing when I woke up on Friday morning. It took me 2 days to finally realized it for real coz it was so sudden and shocking for me. God bless her soul. We all came from God and we will all return to God.

Then I experienced my first christmas ever!
Even though I had nothing to compare with, I really enjoyed it. We were invited for a dinner with Thordis's family on Sunday night, and then to Kristin's family on Monday night.
In Kristin's house, I finally for the first time in my life I ate lobster. So now I can officially say that I LIKE LOBSTER :)

Not enough with 2 dinner invitations, the next night I was invited for dinner by an Indonesian guy, Fikri, who has been living in Iceland for 10 years. He's married and has 2 very cute children. There were so many food there coz he was also inviting his friends, and I got home with some extra food from him ( a little bit embarrassed at the beginning, but well...don't waste good food :p).

Today I heard about the big earthquake in Taiwan. It's very sad to hear about this, I hope there will be no more victims there. The earthquake also has a very big impact to the internet connections in most of the asian countries, even to India, Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia. It really makes me feel bad everytime I heard any natural disasters, like the big flood from the mountain in Aceh about a week ago that already had 200,000 people evacuated. But I still want to close this with a smile. As bad as it migt be, all this made me feel nothing but being even more grateful, yet also think on what can I do.

Right now, more than 3 millions people are in Mecca doing the Hajj, a pilgrimage to Mecca that every moslem must do at least once in their life if he/she has the capability (physically and financially). And by Sunday, we're going to celebrate Eid ul-Adha, one of the 2 main Islamic holy days.

Really looking forward to it! :)

with smile,

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Late night thought...

After 3 weeks, today I finally finished reading The Blue Ocean Strategy. I must admit that since I arrived in Iceland, I didn't finish my books as fast as I used to (which is kinda weird for me coz I thought I will have more time to read here :p).

This book reminds me of a small and short book I read a few months back called "Whatever You Think, Think The Opposite". The Blue Ocean Strategy broke so many perceptions that people have for so long (and how to make the new one and put in into action) on managing companies or any kinds of organizations in general. While I personally think that most of its content can also be applied in an individual level.

One of the things I read there was about how organizations should reconstruct their own boundaries. It makes me think a lot lately and ask my self about how do I see the world and its dynamism.

Sometimes we have this moment where we got so excited because we just found a new idea about something. God knows how many new ideas are found everyday (whatever the subject is about). Also, there are still zillions of new ideas floating somewhere, waiting to be picked up by someone. And along when these new ideas are revealed, something new in this world is revealed. So the world, like a person, is getting old, but also changing into something new everyday.

I'm going to find out more about this "new idea" thing, coz I believe that no matter what the new idea is about, there must be some similar process that a human being gone through until we finally reached that "new idea stage".

All this brings me to my final thought before I go to sleep (it's 2.25 am now :p) :
ideas are invented, but changes are created (both by people or nature).

with smile,

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Movie Trilogies...

I just watched Saw III, just got home from the cinema :p
If you don'tknow, I'm a real movie addict...then I was just thinking of how many movie trilogies that are ALL good...also chat randomly with Marie Claire about this...
Even though answering the question will not mean so much, but anyway at least it can answer my curiousity :p

Since I just watched it, so I will start with Saw trilogy (really NOT recommended if don't want to watch violent movies) . Even though I'm not a big fan of horror movies (especially asian and Indonesian horror movies...oh my god!), but I must say that Saw trilogy is not really a horror movie for me ,with ghost stuffs and all that jazz (even though it has an extremely violent content) . Also, the movies have a brilliant mind behind it...LOVED IT!

BUT, my best movie trilogy is still The Godfather Trilogy..then followed by The Lord of The Rings. So my movie trilogies that I think are all good:
-. The Godfather Trilogy (nothing beats this!)
-. The Lord of The Rings
-. Saw
-. Die Hard Trilogy
-. Naked Gun (I love these plain-stupid movies) :)
-. Austion Powers (same reason like Naked Gun) :))

Hmmm...that's what I can think of for now.
There are some others that I like, but not all 3 of them..
And some that I really hope will be a cool trilogy, like Spiderman 3, Pirates of The Carribean: At Worlds End, and Shrek 3.

So just for fun, do you have any movie trilogy that you like? just add up in the comment

with smile,

Saturday, December 09, 2006

After I got better...

Hmm..Lets see, here's some updates from me. I put some kind of title for each day, and also some pictures in the post before this one.
So feel free to read the ones that you like :-)

Friday - December 1st - World AIDS Day ; Red Nose Day ; MC Team Day

I finally went out from the house after staying at home for several days...yeahh..!!!
1st December is World AIDS Day, and also it's the first ever Red Nose Day in Iceland.
We (the MC team) went in the afternoon for team building day. We started from the zoo, then to Thordis's house, and after that went fishing near the harbour (well at least I tried even though I was totally freezing), and last but not least we had our dinner in a very nice restaurant which I forgot the name :p.

Saturday - December 2nd - Gesundheit!

Went out with Lyuba (our new trainee from Russia) for lunch. Then got "Gesundheit!", the book I ordered from the book store...yeahh..!!!
After that we went to the library, and then I went down town to pick up Christine, a Canadian AIESEC-er who had just finished being a CEEDer in Belgium for 2 months and now traveling around Europe.
I also talked through skype with Adrian (my best friend and Mexican VP Finance in Indonesian MC last year).

Sunday - December 3rd - The Pearl

Went to Perlan (or in English "The Pearl"), a place where you can see Reykjavik from a higher place. It's a very cool place with the shape like a dome. There's a restaurant in the 3rd floor which is very expensive (even for Icelanders!), and there's a door through the place to see the city from there. You can see te picture of Perlan here.
It's very very nice :)

Monday - December 4th - Mulholland Drive

Just working as usual, and continue the book I'm reading...but by the end of the day I watched the movie Mulholland Drive. It's a fine piece of art. Not everybody will like that movie, but I LOVED IT! It's a very complex movie that you really have to think and decide yourself what's the movie is about. David Lynch is a Genius!

Tuesday - December 5th - Syibil

As some of you might know, I'm crazy about movies (more than you can imagine...believe me!).
I watched Raising Arizona and then watched a great movie which was quite old (1977) and very very long (more than 3 hours) called Syibil. It's about a true story of a girl who had more than 13 personalities, played very well by Sally Field. Amazing movie, almost like the book.

Wednesday - December 6th - Northern Light

I stayed longer than usual in the AIESEC office, but then went to a Nordic Association's Christmas Gathering. It was a nice event, just chilling out.
But the highlight of the day was the Northern Light (aurora borealis) in the sky that night. It was very clear and beautiful! I didn't have my camera that time, but for those of you who never heard or saw it, just check the picture in the link I put there.

Thursday - December 7th - Ice Skating

Only fell twice...quite good for a beginner :)
We went to play ice skating in the city square after work. It's funny to learn walking with ice skating shoes while there are very small kids running around around the place..they're so good!!!
But I was so happy, feel like a small kid again :-)

Friday - December 8th - Everybody Loves Raymond Season 7

Nothing much on Friday, had a headache in the morning. But then went out around noon, then stayed late in AIESEC office. Went home and finished the last episode of the 7th season of Everybody Loves Raymond..will download the 8th season soon! :-)

So yeahh, I've been going out quite a lot since I got better after the sick.
Enjoying my grateful for what I have...and life goes on.

with smile,

Pictures for the post after this post...

Red Nose Day
In the Zoo...Look-a-like contest...who look like who?
Looks like fishing...turns out the bait didn't even get in the water :p

On the way to the Perlan

The four statues in front of Perlan by sunset

An "additional" statue :-)

Reykjavik view from Perlan

Reykjavik view from Perlan again

World Ice Skaters: Denmark, Canada, Indonesia, Iceland, Russia, Czech Republic, Austria

Svetla Jonas and me...Jonas left later in the afternoon for an internship in India

with the one in the last picture (if that's count as a smile),