Saturday, January 13, 2007


Saturday afternoon, it's been an hour since I sat myself down on my regular spot in the non-smoking area of Hressingarskálinn, a cafe located downtown in Reykjavik. And as usual, there's a black coffee right next to my computer. The cup is half-full now...I think I'm going to take a cold mineral water after I published this post.

I always stay quite long everytime I come here. Last time I came here I stayed for 6 hours, maybe the people working here are starting to make a bet on how long will I stay this time. The environment is very comfortable for me, and not because it's quiet. There's a nice jazz music playing, and of course the sound of everybody talking is creating this random but meaningful noises.

The loud laughters from the smoking area, the sounds-like a serious conversation that a woman is having on the phone, a guy that seems very angry talking in Icelandic, a silent guy alone with his laptop writing something (like me), and this time we have a new comer, a cying baby with whom I think is her mother tying to calm her down. All kinds of feelings in one place, gives me an amazing vibe once I realized it, and somehow it helps me to think and reflect about myself.

Wait...I have a low battery now, I'm going to take out and plug my charger and then continue...

So, I'm in a process of recovering my mood for writing something important. Apparently it's been hiding somewhere in these last few days. And with some heavy thoughts I've been having lately, it made me even more difficult to find and interact with this mood again. I was thinking that coming here will help me find it...and I was right. I haven't got it back yet, but now I know that it's been hiding behind this post I'm writing. I need to write this post in order to get it back.

In a totally different story, I've finished The Monk and The Riddle. It's a good feeling when you read the last sentence of a book you're reading. And as a reference for those of you who like to read, I'm adding another "feature" (if you wanna call it that way) on the right side of this blog, the last 3 books that I've read before the "Book I'm Currently Reading...".
Moving on to my next book now...

I don't want to prolong this post, I'm ready to continue what I've been writing before.
I'm going to take my cold mineral water now.

with smile,

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

It's not cool to have "Another bed time story..." as the title of the post again, but it's not about cool anyway: Another bed time story...

"4, no, 5, no, 7....7? oh my god,7!"
That was me, talking to myself this afternoon (and yes, unconciously I was thinking in English). It's been 7 days since I turned off my computer. It's always "on", then "stand by" for a while, and then "on" again, even when I was sleeping.

In this last one week my brain has been occupied with so many things. And as usual, today I was busy working, trying to finish my "today things" so I don't have to add stuffs to my "tomorrow things". I can't wait to go home and do some other non-office things I have to do. And suddenly it came just like that, that thought I had about my computer. I've been keeping myself very busy and (even though) I like those things that make busy, they also made me forgot to do other things that I love.

So I directly turned off my computer, and told myself to have a good time tonight ( way of good time :p). I went out and ate some good food, walk around, then went to the cinema to watch Little Miss Sunshine. If you opened my blog last week, I only watched 1 movie. And with movies as one of very very big passion, I realized this is what I have to do.
On the way home after that I felt energized already, I felt balanced again.

Now I consider these next words as the second part of my post. It's still related in a way, but it's also talking about something else, Little Miss Sunshine. This beautiful and simple movie taught me so many things. And one of them is something that everybody already knows and even saying it themselves, but unfortunately not everybody understand what does "nobody's perfect" means. And most importantly, even those who understand, some still can not accept that in real life.

If you haven't watch the movie, I really recommend you to watch it and see "how human" each character is. Plus, the movie is also funny :)

After the second part of my post, this might be the third part, but this is not. This is just something I would like to write to end my post and ready to close my day with a smile :)

Oh yeah, I almost forgot, some people were asking me about "how's new year?".
Well... like the others, it was also 1st of January 2007 :))

with smile,