Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Beyond the three stripes...

Yesterday (Sunday) I went to the mosque (well..there's no mosque in Iceland, but we use this place as a mosque) to teach some children how to read the Qur'an. They're around 7-9 years young (not "years-old").

Just before I left, I met Omar from Eritrea whom I usually meet every Friday. He's around 50 something years old. He asked if I can help him to fix his computer.

I don't really know about fixing computer (as I am a very ancient person). But hey, nothing wrong with checking it out...so I walked with him to his apartment. He is sharing the apartment with a 75 years old Icelandic guy, who is also a very nice guy.

Anyway, so it turns out that there's a minor virus in the computer and he didn't have any anti-virus program. With my limited knowledge, I downloaded Avira, scanned the computer and then removed the virus. While scanning the computer, he was showing me a video of his brother-in-law who just got married in Eritrea, and a picture of his wife with his two children.

After we finished everything, both of them cooked some very delicious foods, and the three of us ate together. It was almost 17:30, I wanted to go but I thought it wouldn't be appropriate to leave right after I ate....so I decided to stay for some conversations, which turns out to be very interesting. They are amazing people with amazing lifes..I learned so many things from them.

Just before 18:00 I decided to go. I sat on the floor (as always) to put my shoes on.
"I see you like sport shoes"
"Yes, it's quite comfortable...I've been using this for more than 3 years"
"Ok then, I have to go now...thank you John (the Icelandic guy)"
"Omar? (he went to his room)..."
In a few seconds he came out... "I think this is your size"

He gave me a brand new Adidas shoes (and yes..it's indeed my size). As I told him that my shoes are still ok, he kept forcing to take it because he never used it anyway.

He is working as a cleaner in Kringlan (a mall in Reykjavik) and also a volunteer for Red Cross. In one of his program with Red Cross, he got a free pair of shoes because the event was sponsored by Adidas.

I still can't believe that I went home with a new pair of shoes, a nice one.

I guess when something that you like comes to you unexpectedly, it's either you become more grateful....or you completely forgot that you should be grateful.

A lot of people always turn to God when they're in trouble. But when they are not facing any problems, they forgot to be grateful.

If we do pray to God when we're facing problems, then the state of "not facing any problems" which a lot of people usually consider as "normal" actually means that God has granted our wishes. Then we should also be grateful for that.

I realized that what I just wrote above is "human", that we tend to forget to be grateful when we are happy. So I'm writing this as a reminder for myself, too!

I believe that the best way to grateful is to share it with others. I'm happy....and it's a good feeling...I wish others can also feel what I'm feeling now. So it's my turn now to make others happy.

I have so many things to be grateful in my life (and I believe it's the same with you). So I need to do things that will make people feel happy too :)

It's passed midnight now. The cafe is almost closed, only me and 2 other people sitting three tables next to me. I'm going to finish my coffee and go home...

from Hresso with smile,

Saturday, March 24, 2007


About a week ago I was sitting on the sofa at home and suddenly my regularly randomized brain started to think..who invented the "electricity plug" holes?
"What a brilliant invention!" I thought..."this person has given so much impact to a lot of people"
I don't know why I suddenly thought of that.

Then this morning when I unplugged the charger for my computer that thought again crossed my mind...so I decided to search for it...Yes, I thank you, Harvey Hubbell !!!

Hurvey Hubbell, never met him of course. Unfortunately he passed away almost 80 years ago.
He was the one who invented the "two holes" electrical plug in 1904.
Later in 1928, the "three holes" plug was invented by Philip F. Labre.

Well, Harvey, we may never met, but even though it might mean nothing, I hope this post can make people to know and learn more about you, an amazing inventor.

After a while, I started to think that the thought I have before may not be random after all.
I mean, I'm using his invention everyday, it was just about time to find and learn about him.

with smile,

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Writing with Johnny...

Deja vu: The experience of thinking that a new situation had occured before.

64 days ago I wrote my last post from Hresso, the cafe.
64 days later I'm writing my next post in the same place.

I read the last post I wrote before I start this one. Not so many people are here now.
When I came here someone is sitting in the place where I usually sit.
I'm sitting at 12 o'clock direction from that seat, the smoking area that is currently smokeless.
I can visualize myself writing with my laptop 64 days ago from this seat.

I have to go home now, but the post is not going to end here. I'll save it in my draft and continue at home, it's 21:20 now....

A small bottle of salt and pepper, a glass of water, a no-smoking sign and my laptop on the white table. A classic Johnny Cash's "Ring of Fire" is playing....It's a nice rainy afternoon...

It's been almost 2 days since I saved what I wrote above as a draft. I'm back at my usual seat now. The smoking area in front of me is still empty though, only 3 people there.

It was 66 days ago since I wrote my last post. So many things has happened that is of course will not be enough to be wrote in this post.
I had a national conference here in Iceland, finished my book and moving on to the next one now, went to Egypt for 3 weeks and again I had another incredible experience and learnings.

I started work again once I arrived back in Iceland, watched a lot of DVDs as usual, watched 7 movies in 4 days in the cinema last week, and just before I came here 1 of the 2 books I ordered from the bookstore just arrived and is sitting next to me now.

Long story short, so many things happened, so many new things I learned, one question remains unanswered...yet.
"Where will I be working in 4 months from now?"
I have decided to stay and continue working in AIESEC, but where and what is not 100% yet...

Time will tell? After I said it...then time will tell...

The rain has stop and it's getting a little bit dark outside.
Both smoking and non-smoking area are getting more crowded now.
The sound of people talking all together is competing with the music playing.
It's a wonderful day...

It's good to be back writing.

With smile and gratefulness,