Thursday, April 26, 2007

Off to Sweden...

I actually have something to reflect about...

But I'm kinda busy coz I will be leaving tomorrow morning to Stockholm for Scandiavian MCs Chill Out and then ScaLDS Agenda Team Meeting.

I will share what I wanted to share I'm too excited for tomorrow..!!! :)
Will be back in Iceland hopefully on 2nd of May.

Until then...
Sampai jumpa, see you later, ciao, bless, ilalliqo, adios.. :)

with smile,

Monday, April 23, 2007


Lónsöræfi, one of the best hiking experiences I've ever been. I went there with my non-AIESEC friends (yes, I also have friends outside AIESEC :p ) from Finand and France.

The place is in South East of Iceland, around 40 minutes by car from Reykjavik. We arrived there at almost 10am, and start hiking from mountain to mountain for more than 6 hours.

Despite that it was so tiring to keep walking up so high, jumping from one river to another, and having my jeans all completely wet and dirty when I fell some deep (yet invisible) muddy grounds, it was still so unique and beautiful experience. I'm not sure if my words and the pictures are good enough to describe it (actually I'm pretty sure they can't).

All the mountains with their beautiful different colours, completing one to another creating a magical landscape. Hiking in a cold weather, in mountains with hot rivers and hot springs, all around you. The black mountains, the green ones, yellow, brown, snowy, the waterfalls....felt very strange to have all of that mixed at the same location.

In the middle of the day we had lunch in a small cabin up in the mountain, then on our way back we decided to jump in to one of the rivers and stay in there, relaxing for almost an hour of natural hot water from the no-longer-active volcanos. There are so many steams that we can see in the mountains, showing different size of hot springs around the mountains.

All in all, I feel very grateful to be able to see and experience it, and more at peace...

I will add more pictures when I got it from the guys' camera.

with smile,

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Seconds of past and wooden floor...

The elements of me
The ones roaming to be free
Simplicities, are me and you and them not not you

My words are spoken loudly
Creating noisy and wildest silence
It's the unroaming elements of me
Denying values of the blue gravity

When why is always have been
Meaning is loving of what will be
Neurotic system trying to be fair
Is it as simple as "distribute"?


with smile,

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

I'm letting the pictures talk's about my great weekends lately...

(On top of a random hill outside Reykjavik)

(on the way up to the hill)

(in the Halldór Kiljan Laxness Museum..yes, there's a pool behind it)

(still behind the Halldór Kiljan Laxness museum)

(in the national park..the oldest parliament in the world)

(3m from Björk at a charity concert in Reykjavik...very very cool!!!)

(Lay Low, my favourite Icelandic singer..also in the charity concert)

with smile,