Thursday, June 07, 2007

Last last post from Iceland...

In a few hours, my journey in Iceland will be finished. Many things have happened since my last post. I’ve been staying at Tomas’s place since last week as the contract for my flat was finished by the 31st of May, which was also my last day at Rarik, the electricity company I’m working part-time with.

A few months or even one month ago every time I was asked if I missed Indonesia or do I want to go back there, it took me almost no time to answer it… “yes, of course”
And now, as it’s getting closer to my departure, though I still miss Indonesia,I realized that leaving Iceland also means I’m leaving something that has become a part of me.

Today, Thursday, 7th of June 2007 I will leave Iceland at 16:10. That is 6 hours from now. My next stop will be Paris. I will stay there until the 11th of June, then to London until the 14th of June. And then take my flight from London back to Jakarta on the 14th.

I don’t have the time to write more right now. I will later write my real post on this amazing and beautiful county when I’m back in Indonesia. This is my last post from Iceland, but for damn sure not my last post about Iceland!

It’s funny, like usual I’m playing my Media Player in the shuffle mode. And the song playing now is one of my favourite old songs, a soundtrack from Casablanca. Reminds me of the famous scene where Inggrid Bergman said to Sam the piano player: “Play it, Sam. Play, As Time Goes By”

With smile,