Saturday, August 18, 2007

Short post...

I was riding back home with Samuel, an AIESEC member and my junior in high school. We somehow discussed about what's going on around the world..this and that..until we got tired ourselves.

Suddenly, he said something that really cracks me up, even until now (2 days later) I'm still laughing. He said:
"You know, a few years ago I once think that maybe the only way for this world to be united and not fighting with each other, is when we are attacked by another planet. Then we'll have no choice but to stand together"

I love his crazy and brilliant ideas...Samuel rocks! :)))

with smile,

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Today...several hours ago...OR: Between Solo - Jakarta...

If my previous post was first written in Microsoft Word when I arrived in Padang, well this post was actually written manually on an empty paper I have in my bag. So here it is:

I'm now at the airport in Solo, Central of Java, waiting for my 30-minutes-delayed flight back to Jakarta. I've been visiting my family here in Solo for the last 4 days and 3 nights.
Hopefully I can arrived back in Jakarta and come home safely, and put this words online as a new post tonight. I'm planning to use "today...several hours ago...OR: Between Solo and Jakarta" as the title of this post, but only if I managed to post this tonight.

These few days here in Solo has been great...I love Solo! A small and nice city, always close to go everywhere, so many families of mine here, incredible food (seriously!), and of course (like all cities in Indonesia now) Red and White are everywhere as we're about to celebrate our 62th independence day on August 17th...
There's just an announcement here, we will be able to go to the plane soon.

Hmmm...There's a small plant in this crowded waiting room, right in front of the chair I'm sitting now, and another one on the right corner of this room. A small breeze shakes its green and white leaves once in a while..steady though.

So here I am, already standing in the queueing line to go to the plane (it's now ready), writing while standing...and now I'm out in the open, because I have to walk straight to the plane without that "long thingy" that connects the boarding room and the plane...It's funny that everybody is looking at me, stopping and write while everybody is walking to the plane.
...Another stop, right next to the plane. I'm going to take a picture with my mobile phone, then go straight inside...

I'm now inside the plane, my seat is 16A. I just put my seat belt on, sms my parents, turned off the mobile phone, and took 2 candies offered by the stewardess. The captain just announced that it will take 1 hour to fly to Jakarta, and there's no time difference between Jakarta and Solo (because Indonesia is divided into 3 different time zones), and soon the stewardess will be demonstrating the safety stuffs in the plane (while the guy next to me seems very curious, looking what am I doing writing in English).

...We're taking off soon. I will write again when the "fasten seat belt" sign is off.

...and that time is nooooww....The weather is pretty bright and clear outside. I can get this nice view because I'm sitting in the "window seat" next to the wing.

The stewardess just gave me a small box of meal...wait, let me see what's inside.
A small plastic cup of mineral water, a chocolate cake, and a fried tofu with meat inside (with chilly of course!). Too bad I can;t take a picture because my mobile phone is off now and I don't have my camera here with me.

Hahaha..this is interesting. There's an inflight shoop magazine in front of every passenger's seat...but right now, the stewardesses are bringing everyting out, offering the stuffs to the passengers like in a market...and Mr. Curious next to me is now bargaining for a small toy for his kid, the lady in front of me is bargaining for a blouse and asking for a different size...aha! Mr. Curious just got the toy for a good price :)

Well, ok then, before I got dizzy I will stop here and hopefully I can write "finally, arrived in Jakarta" later...



("flights' attendants, landing position" the captain just said)



(This is now written around 30 minutes after Mr. Curious got the toy)...finally, arrived in Jakarta! :)

with smile,

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Today...13 Days Ago....

...I actually wrote this post already in Microsoft Word, but then I didn't get the chance to go online until I came back to Jakarta from Bukittinggi, West Sumatera. Well, below is what I wrote that time:

… “Play it Sam. Play, As Time Goes By”.
As time goes by, one story has ended, transformed and became great experiences in the bank of heart and mind. As time goes by, another story continues.
And as time goes by, it’s been more than a month since my last post. I really miss writing a new entry in this blog.

On my way to Indonesia last month, I stopped by in Paris and London for a total 10 days, 4 in Paris and 6 in London. After taking out a lot of stuffs from my luggage during check in to Paris (extremely over weighted!), I finally flew and arrived in Paris in the evening.

4 days in Paris went pretty fast, but I finally managed to go to Louvre, a place that I didn’t go the last time I went there.

Because of my over weighted luggage, I decided not to take a flight to go to London.
So, my decision was a 9 hours bus ride. Though it was a pretty long ride, Eurolines did make a good first impression, I actually enjoyed the trip :)

My stay in London was a completely different story. A lot of things happened during my visit there. From accidentally attending the world premiere of “Fantastic Four: Rise Of The Silver Surver”, had a small reunion with Nazmi and Baba (my best friends from high school) who are studying there, traveling around London (of course!), watched Ocean’s Thirteen in the cinema, and meeting with Mr. Marcus Orlovsky from Bryanston Square to talk about my future plan in the field of education. And because my meeting with Mr. Marcus was rescheduled, my supposed-to-be 3 days visit in London had to be prolonged another 3 days (which I actually didn’t mind at all..hehehe).

Arrived in Jakarta, it was 6 days before my brother’s wedding. So directly, everyone was busy preparing. It felt so relieved being able to attend his wedding because I already missed my sister’s wedding when I was in Iceland last year. So out of my parents’ 5 children, 4 of them are now married :)

Anyways, what’s with me now?

I’m still searching for an internship abroad. I don’t know yet where I’m going to go. And frankly, I don’t really care, as long as I find a job that fits me. Meanwhile, around 2 weeks ago AIESEC in Indonesia selected me as one of their Supervisory Group members.

I’m now in Padang, West Sumatera. I’m going to be the Chair of AIESEC in Indonesia’s National Conference which will be held in Bukit Tinggi (around 2 hours driving from Padang) starting tomorrow. I will stay here for 9 days and hopefully go back to Jakarta on July 28th.

Though it’s already a month since I’m back in Indonesia, somehow I still feel that I’m still in the process of readjusting my life here. I’m starting to think that this is not me readjusting. Maybe it’s just me now, changed.

Writing this really brings back a lot of memories and emotions to the surface, which is good, I feel like I need this now. Thank you for all of you who kept asking me to update my blog. Especially to Nadya who even spent time to drew the picture in my Facebook :)

Time does fly very fast, and I just realized that I didn’t even give my self time to reflect as usual. Writing has been an important part of my self reflections now. So I always felt bad everytime I remember that I haven’t write anything since I left Iceland, because I know that this is also something that I personally need to reflect, improve, and move forward.

Until not-too-long-from-my-next-post....

With smile,