Friday, September 28, 2007

Indonesia, week 14...

I mentioned about it in Facebook...but just realized that I haven't write it in the blog :)

It was exactly 14 weeks back Indonesia...after 4 times receiving "we need to postpone the internship", I finally got the call:

" we decided to hire you, congratulations. Looking forward to see you soon in Bulgaria!"

That's right...I got matched!!!! And my next stop for 6 months is Sofia, Bulgaria..!!!!! :)))

Hope the visa process will not take too long...
So yeah...Bulgaria here I come!

with smile,

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

On becoming "someone"...

Today (plus one day, hehe) was exactly one year since my first post in this blog. Again, special thanks to Jingwei, Erica, Marie Claire and Grace.

At that time I wrote that one of my main purposes to create this blog is to find people who will be my "somebody" by me learning from them. And who knows... I can be "somebody" for others my sharing my thoughts and experiences.

The journey is still far, the learning will always continues, the randomness will still be there, and the person is stil here...evolving.
I like what Steve Jobs said at the end of his speech at Stanford Graduation Day about learning, "stay hungry, stay foolish"

( one of my favourite picture, taken in the Nile River. Random and blurry picture, just to check if the flash in the camere was working or not....but i like it! :p )

So with me still being hungry and foolish, this post is dedicated to all of you who have read, seen, or even just opened this blog unintentionally. Thank you guys...

with sincere smile,

Friday, September 14, 2007

October 22nd 2006...

...was the last day of Ramadhan last year. It was the night before I left to Norway for 10 days. It was the night of Eid. I made a post that night, this was some of it:

It's 4.45 a.m in Iceland, I'm now sitting on the floor in my room, afraid that I might close my eyes and fall asleep and "not saying anything" in the last night before Ramadhan goes away again for the whole one year.

I am what I am
...and I am who I am
I'm a person in love,

At first I thought I will not see you this time,
But you came to me with all excitement,
Welcoming me with a wide open arms.
No matter how bad I am.

I know you mean a lot to me,
Yet I also know that you mean much more than I thought.
I wish I could know you better,
Because I know some of your beauty are still hidden.

Seeing the beauty,
The complexity,
The simplicity.

To seek the values,
To understand the meaning,
To learn.

And now, just when I start to know you better,
it's our last night again.

And even you will come again,
I still ask my self "Will I still be here when you're back?"

A wish to God,
A simple wish just to be able to be with you again.
A wish that this is not a "good bye", but a "see you later"
With God will.

One the most finest happiness, is to still be alive just to meet you again.
Thank you God.

with sincere smile,

Sunday, September 09, 2007

Looking for THE mirror...

It's been more than 2 months since I got back in Indonesia..boy does time flies very fast..

I'm writing this post in my room, on my bed.

Before this, I just took a shower, opened my closet, took my clothes and closed the closet back. When the closet was closed, I saw my self in the mirror on the closet...
and I realized one thing, "why didn't I have more self reflections since I got back home?"

Self reflection has been one of my most powerful tools for self improvement. During my time in Iceland I used to give my self enough time and space to reflect, think back and look forward. But now I feel like I'm missing it, especially looking my posts in this blog lately.

Just as my fingers was typing the words from the previous paragraph above, my mind was trying to justify why I had less reflections...and it said to me "most probably it's because you're busy with so many things here. Your family, friends, so many close relatives...maybe you just don't have the time yet like when you're more alone in Iceland"

But on second thought...I don't think so. I think it's just me, not giving my self the time and space to reflect..all those things that my "negative energy" just said to me are just bullshit, trying to make me feel sorry for my self and feel comfortable with this condition.
Well, no way jose! feels good to write about it. I hope this post can be the trigger for me to "come back" and move forward.
Thank you for reading :)

with sincere smile,