Monday, October 29, 2007

Cleaning out, picking up...

Since I was born, I never had a room of my own, not until the time I lived in Iceland. I have 2 older brothers and 2 older sisters. I had my clothes in my younger big brother's room, while I used to sleep accompanying my younger big sister in her room... and once in a while I slept in my brother's room.

When I came back to Indonesia, it was 6 days before my brother's wedding, and all my other siblings were already married as well. With my brother moving out, suddenly I was "given" his room...including all the "legacies" that I needed to clean out :))

Since the room became a place for everyone to stop by and somehow leave their stuffs there, I just can't stay in that kind of situation. So a couple of days ago I decided to clean out everything in the room (and I really mean every single thing). I should have taken a picture of it so maybe you can understand why I need to highlight the "everything" part there :)

The funny thing was out of no where, I found a CD, a video, in the middle of a pile of my brother's music collections. On the cover it 's written "Life is full of memories". I played it in my computer and it was a video of my university life, from the day we got there until we graduated...compiled in a very nice movie format.

Even now I'm still wondering how on earth that I ever noticed that there was a video of that (though on second thought, most probably because I didn't come to the graduation day due to an AIESEC conference).

Anyways, what hit me the most was just exactly like the theme of the video, life is full of memories. It suddenly took me back to all flash back of my life until now. How I've been evolving from time to time as a person. Also , what have I contribute to the people around me and the environments... all this just reminded me again and again that life is short...that my life is about being good and useful to others...that time doesn't go back...that time doesn't go back...and that time doesn't go back...and I will eventually die...

Today, 4:30 am already, is my birthday, my 24th birthday....that means since October 30th 2006 my life is now 1 year shorter. I'm still learning (and always will be), still making mistakes, still being grateful, still smiling, still excited, still evolving....but I'm also still me.

with smile,

Sunday, October 07, 2007

msn contacts...

Note: Right now is Sunday, 10:10 am (West) Indonesian Time....

Out of 357 contacts in msn, I think I have never seen only 4 people online..this is a record...
and yes, you're right, this is a very random post :p

So the 4 people are: Tya(Indonesia), Ladi(Nigeria), Palina (Iceland), and Gary (Hong Kong)...congratulations..!!! :)))

with smile,

Monday, October 01, 2007

Missing the wind slapping me around...


I'm wondering how's Hresso (the cafe I used to sit and write my posts from) now?

Or what new movies do Siggi have in 2001 (my usual movies store in Reykjavik)?

How's the mosque doing during this Ramadhan in Iceland?

How's Rarik (the company I was working for) doing after they moved their office?

And do they still have that beautiful machine of free hot chocolate? (I always take at least one when I was about to leave the I will have something warm to put my hands on when I'm out in the crazy weather)

Does the red Thai restaurant still have that thick and soft toilet paper? (I know, you can call me a freak! Hahaha)

But one thing I know for sure: The wind doesn't know seasons in Iceland, it will still slapping me around anytime :)

Here are some pictures that I haven't uploaded yet when me and Tomas went to Snæfellsjökull, one of the glacier mountains in Iceland.

When Tomas drove the snowmobile like a maniac and almost had me thrown away too many times...
When the loudness of the machine made him thought that my screaming voice of pain was a "yiiihaaaa" kind of screaming...
When we eventually (of course) fell off the snowmobile...several times...
When we were stunned by the beautiful view when we finally got up to the mountain...
And of course, the non-stop sing-along and random conversations on the ride home...

pic 1: The scene I took from the car, on the way there.
pic 2: The innocent boy still smiling, didn't know what's coming
pic 3: Tomas smiling, most probably because he knew what's coming to me :))
pic 4-6: Smiling, for I finally survived up on the mountain
pic 7-8: Satisfied smiles of torturing me :))
pic 9: Trying to look cool (and failed horribly)
pic 10: A scene from the mountain
pic 11: A scene on the mountain

Great times...great times...

with smile,