Monday, December 10, 2007

A small dedication...

I'm now in Sofia already, safe and sound :) Thank you for everyone wishing me the best and always supporting me.

I want to dedicate this poem to my self and all of you who are in a new adventure; about to start a new adventure; and about to decide to have a new adventure.
More stories to come...

I look at the clock on the wall
Every second, its second-hand is ready to fall

As it falls, another memory created
As it falls, I got closer to my future

I’m running with a constant speed for a distance I still don’t know
I’m running without realizing my own speed

I tried to look back sometimes…
Both good and bad places I have visited
I tried to look back sometimes…
Yet my foot keeps moving forward

I don’t remember my start nor knowing my finish line
I might be in the middle, might be in the last quarter, or probably still at the beginning
What I know is now I’m here…a new and different lap

As the second-hand falls, the future always seem unreachable
And my eyes are blinded from seeing,

Only with the feel of the heart I trust
Only with the feel of the heart I have faith and move forward…
to the right direction...creating the best memories...

with smile,

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Less than 2 hours left in Hong Kong...

In the last..hmmm...I think almost 2 weeks, I've had very limited internet access due to the never ending connection problems at home.

So last week I FINALLY got my visa for Bulgaria, and just for short updates for now, I'm now already on my 3 hours transit in Hong Kong :)

Will be going to London, and then from there to Sofia...
Short update, short post...until then :)

with smile,