Sunday, January 20, 2008

Lightless Mirror...

It is a feeling..,after months and months,
The same floor came back though it is thousand of miles away

The same wall color is not the same wall color
Because they know what are the stories to tell

A dark violin brings its brightest light,
Cutting the heart through the thin silent air

A yellow sky is sleeping now
But a thought in me is the reason of restlesness

Yet again the wall looks at me,
A simple sign from the floor should give an answer

All the three places have this wooden floor,
All the three places hide this story from a heart

with smile,

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

After watching Charlie Wilson's War....

Where did my written voice go?

Since my last post of course there are so many things that have happened. A lot of good and bad things. Not all of them will be shared here as it will be too many...both to write and remember.

It's been more than a month since my stay in Bulgaria. I have finished 2 other books since my last post. And I could say that I'm settled down here already, I have learned more about this country and its uniquenesses....though there are still so many things to learn.

A lot of people who know that I was living in Iceland asked me "which one do you like better, Iceland or Bulgaria?" I never gave a black or white answer as for me there's no definition that makes a country "better" than the other. My only answer was just "their diffrent in their own way and it's not something to compare about".

Some interesting things that I found about Bulgaria:
-. In quite some parts in Sofia, especially in the centre, the cars are still allowed to move when the pedestrians light is green.
-. Like some other Eastern European countries that I know, there are a lot of wild dogs in the street, especially in Sofia.
-. I can't go jogging in the morning because of the dogs --> I'm afraid of dogs.
-. From my experiences, though most of the people don't really speak English, they're in general are very very...very nice.
-. You will always get a seat in a non-smoking area of a restaurant or cafe (that is if they have a non-smoking area)
-. Nod means "no" and shaking head means "yes"
-. The first word I learned is French, "merci" as in "thank you"
-. The second word I learned is Italian, "ciao" as in "good bye"
-. The Indonesian embassy is just 10 minutes away by foot from my dormitory.
-. All signs on the street and busses are in cyrilic...but good in a way that it forces me to learn :)
-. Almost everybody has 2 mobile phones.
-. Even the menu that marked as "super hot" in an Indian restaurant is still not spicy for me.
-. The traffic is almost like Jakarta...basically Sofia is like a smaller version of Jakarta...well, smaller and colder of course :))
-. Oh oh...last but not least...I LOVE MY JOB!! :-)

Hmmmm....I still feel this post is still kind of random. But hey, I just really need to write again...and it feels good to do so :)

with smile,