Friday, May 09, 2008

Come and go...and come..and go again...

Been quite some time since my last post...couldn't really find the right time to write as I was most of the times out of town and had very few time to connect to the internet.

Been going to Burgas and Kraimorie, in the East Coast of the beaches of the Black Sea....
Very nice...
and (at that time it was also) very quiet...almost no one there.
So it was good to be able to runaway from the busy life in Sofia for a while :)

Then went back to Sofia for less than 2 days, then left again to Plovdiv to chair the National Planning Conference of AIESEC in Bulgaria. Arriving a night earlier, then went straight to the venue which was actually on the mountains just outside Plovdiv, very nice and cozy place...and GREAT conference!!
Thanks again for the MC Team of AIESEC in Bulgaria for inviting me and to everyone in the conference..really really time well spent! :))

Well, that's just a short updates of what's been happening. It's now 4:10 in the morning already, and again, today I will be leaving out of town to somewhere in the north of Varna for the season wrap up of my company, and to do the presentation of my project as well :)

Hope to write again soon....and for the time being, I will leave you with some of the pictures during these trips :)

with smile,