Sunday, June 22, 2008


........a time to write again! =)

I’m right now in a ferry somewhere between Greece and Italy. For those of you who know the updates from me from chats or sms or Facebook you probably know already. While for those of you who know my updates from this blog, the question would probably be “what the?” or “what about Bulgaria?” or whatever…

Anyways, there were so many things that I wanted to write since around 6 days after my last post (not including the “test” titled post)…. but yeah, I haven’t been able to update my blog at all due to some errors until finally that “test” post came in. So now I will just sum up some important updates in 1 post then…and try to put pictures =)

#1 Final presentation of my project in Orange: May 9-11

So yeah, I’m very very happy that my job went out successfully. We (the whole company) went out of town to a resort in Rusalka one weekend. It was the final presentation of my project in the company, and also we went out for a trip to Kaliakra…which is an amazing place..!!!

After this weekend my job was pretty much I took some days off to go to some more places around Bulgaria ( I visited total 17 cities in the country..haha!)

me and the -almost- the whole Orange gang =)

#2 Beauty, The Legend Continues =)

About 3 weeks after saying good bye in April I randomly searched in Google, just to see what will come up, because I know last time you were produced was years ago. So there it was on the top on the list in Google, it was read e-Bay Philippines. Someone has exactly the same with what I had: same color, same size…and apparently it’s not the size of the owner’s in The Philippines’s, that’s why he’s selling it in e-Bay. So it’s brand new as in “never been used”.

So I registered to e-Bay Philippines, contacted the guy….and 3 days before I left Bulgaria…well, there it was =)

new ones in the middle...well, of course it is =)

#3 My Long Coming Euro Trip

Last year on my way back from Iceland I was planning to go for a trip to some countries visiting some of my AIESEC friends, but then I had to go home a bit earlier because my brother was getting married. So of course I went home =)

And now being back in Europe, I’ve decided to finally do this trip after I finished my internship in Bulgaria. So here I am now, already in the middle of the trip, writing this post on my way from Greece to Italy.

I started the trip on June 2nd to from Sofia to Prague, and at the end of it I will be back to Prague to go back to Sofia, because my flight back to Jakarta is from Sofia. Here is my route (click links for pictures):

June 2 – 4: Prague (done! Including METALLICA’s CONCERT!!!)

June 4 – 10: Helsinki

June 10-15: Barcelona

June 15-17: Malta

June 17-19: Thessaloniki
June 19-21: Athens

June 21-22: Going to Rome (train to Patra --> a ferry to Bari which is now --> a train to Rome)
June 22-25: Rome
June 25-27: Ljublana
June 27-29: Budapest
June 29- July 1: Vienna
July 1-4: Back to Prague!
July 4-5: Back To Sofia (only in the airport..yes, I need a visa to go out from the airport)
July 5-6: Going back to Indonesia…motherland..home sweet home =)

with smile,

Thursday, June 05, 2008


this is a test. I haven't been able to make a post for over 3 weeks now...I hope this time it works...

with smile,