Monday, October 13, 2008

I am a freak of nature, and I hope you'll realize that so are you...because if you don't, you're missing one of the most amazing things in life...

Who are you?
Which are you?

The child?
The friend?
The one who wants to study that language?

The one who walks funny?
The one who talks more than you need?
The forgiving one?

The one who just got the best day ever?
An artist?
The employee in that place?

Are you the one who wants to go to that country?
The shy one?
The one who's still struggling to move on?
An environmentalist?
The one who hates when someone is not on time?

Are you the one who drinks a glass of water every morning?
The one who can never trust anyone?
The one who'd rather shut your mouth?
A loner?

The one who always try to look busy?
The one who went to that beautiful place?
The grand child?

Are you the one always keep a pen in your pocket?
The one who finally realized that you're wrong?
The one who can raise one eyebrow?
The one who cried?

Are you the one defends your self even when you know you're wrong?
The one who likes to sit in a park?
The one who just doesn't care about politics?
The one who's thinking to buy it or not?

Are you also the one who wants other people to be happy?
The one who's crazy about looks?
The one who never know when to stop?
The one who's always unsure?
A good listener?

The one who doesn't drink until you finished eating?
The father or mother?
The one who wants to go home?
The one who thinks why are these things happening to those people?
The one who doesn't realize that you are rude?

Are you the one who loves your job?
The one who's got hurt by someone?
The one who likes to show off?
The one who slept late last night?
A loving person?

Are you the one who's still thinking which one to take?
The one who sings along with the music you're listening?
A religious person?
A musician?
The one who's still afraid to start?
A trusted person?

Are you the one who cares about other people?
The one who's not confident enough about what you're capable of?
The one who's in anger?
The one who fights for what you beliefs?
The one who regret what you said before?
An optimist?

The one who complains a lot?
A fair person?
The one who doesn't like formality?
The one who believes things will get better?
The one who's afraid to ask because you don't want to look like you don't understand?
A loyal person?
A funny person?
A liar?
The one in love?

Are you the one who finds it difficult not to judge someone?
The one who loves children?
The one who hates your job?
A committed person?
The one who feels insecure?
The one who will keep on fighting and will not give up?
The one who didn't see it coming at all?
The one who decided not to do it anymore?
The one who would sacrifice for others?
The one in desperate need for a change?
The one who can write for one minute without looking at the keyboard at all?
A racist?

Are you the one who doesn't think you deserve something like that?
Are you the one who's still afraid to admit it?
A grateful person?
The one who crossed one leg when you sit?
An idealist?
The one who got your second chance?


Which one is it should say when I'm asked to describe you?
Any of them incorrect?
Am I missing anything?

I saw my own shadows as I walked today,
One on my left, one on my right,
I wonder if they had anything to say about me...
And if they have the option, would they still choose to stay with me?

Hey, what are you thinking right now?
What are you going to do?
Who will you be? Will you be you?
And if you do, who are you?


Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Part 2: Story pictures and videos...

So we left with the boat from Taman Jaya around 7:15 a.m.

Destination? Peucang Island
Duration? 2.5 - 3 Hours

The boat trip, like all other long-duration trips, started with a lot of talks, questions, jokes, and laughters. Then, after 45 minutes people started to be more quiet...enjoying the ocean of Sunda Strait by themselves.

The waves were not small, but not really big as well, it was pretty nice and windy. Waves that came from different direction met each other like a group of ants meeting each other...they stopped for a moment before they're gone again.

After almost 3 hours on the boat, we arrived at Peucang Island. This is the island where we will be staying at night. White sand, blue sea, green trees...

People only live close to the beach in this island. If we continue further inside, well, there's the forest. But some of the wild animals like deers, monkeys, a relatively big lizard (I don't know the name..but not Komodo) and black wild pigs are walking around freely around the place we're staying. The first one we saw was the deer right under the rooms (because there's an approximately 50 cm space between the floor of the rooms and the ground).

We left our backpacks, took a hot tea and ate some food...and off we go with the boat again to Tanjung Layar. It takes around 30 minutes from Peucang Island.

Tanjung Layar is at the West-end of Java Island. Some people also called it daerah seribu goa (the area of 1000 caves)...well, of course because it has so many caves inside. When Mount Krakatoa erupted in August 1883, like some some other islands around it, a lot of people died from a more than 7 meters-high tsunami that ate the island, including some prisoners who couldn't save themselves in their cells. We can still see some remaining of the cells.

In the other islands, it was recorded that the height of the waves that was caused by the eruption of Mount Krakatoa reached 40m high. Until now, the sound of Krakatoa's eruption is still the loudest sound ever recorded on earth. See it first here, and then here.

We went trekking in the forest for about 1.5 km. It's really nature at works.
The big trees were hundreds of years old. The variety of small plants, wild flowers, birds, monkeys and squirrels jumping around high on the trees, and the breeze that we can still feel coming from the sea behind boundaries!

There are still other wild animals inside the forest, but we were not allowed to go further inside for safety reasons.

After the walk, we reached the lighthouse of the island, the "new" one. The other one is the old one from colonial time. The only people living in Tanjung Layar are only 3-4 people working with the lighthouse. They can go home once every 3 months and change shift with the other workers.

From there we continue to the old lighthouse, on then to a very high hill that marks the end of Java Island. After finishing everything, we walked our way back to the same direction as we came, and returned to Peucang Island for lunch.

Next thing to do? Even for a while, we just had to swim on that beautiful beach, or else we're just plain stupid to waste such an opportunity...hehe..

We took a short rest and again took a boat to Cidaon. Cidaon is very close from Peucang Island, only 10 minutes away.

What to do there? To spy some wild bulls and catch the sunset at the beach.

We walked in the forest for about less than 10 minutes to the place where there's a safe and higher place where we can go to see the bulls. Lucky enough, we can still found some bulls before they went back deeper in the forest of Cidaon. But, being a smart ass, we tried to get closer to the bulls, hiding and peeking behind trees and bushes.

One thing on my mind was "OK, if they suddenly run toward us, I should already know which tree to climb and save my ass" =)

The one thing we couldn't find was the famous Javan Rhinoceros (The Lesser One-Horned Rhinoceros). They're a very rare animals to see in the world. Because, sadly, they're critically endangered. It is considered as the rarest large mammal on earth. Only less than 50 of them left in the world. 8 of them were found at Cat Tien National Park in Vietnam, and the rest in Ujung Kulon.

The Javan Rhino usually avoids humans, but will attack when they feel threatened. Because of its extreme rarity and the danger of interfering with such endangered species, The Javan Rhino is the least studied of all rhino species. Mr. Komar told us that if we wanted to see the rhinos, the best way is to come around 4 in the morning, because they usually still "taking a bath" close to the sea.

It was getting dark, so we walked back to the beach at sunset. The white sand, golden sun, dark sky, green forest, blue sea....

Some people who were just too busy with going back on the boat didn't realize the scene that they're a part of. For a while I felt like I don't want to hear anything around me....
Feel the majestic scene of nature before it sleeps...
To see and listen with the heart...

Again, gratefulness....


We came back to Peucang Island, and started to see some wild pigs walking around. Electricity is starting to work. They're using a generator there, so to save energy, we can only get electricity after 5:30 p.m.

After dinner we just chilled out and rest, talking with the people from the island. Then Baba and I had some interesting conversations with a French-Belgium couple who just started traveling around Java and Bali...very nice people...

It started to rain...what a nice evening...

We went to sleep with the sound of the deers and pigs right next to our was the funniest thing ever..!! =)


The next day we left Peucang Island, back to Taman Jaya, and continue with our ride home....

I hope this all worth the long writing =)

Below are some pictures of the trip.

To see the full album of the trip, click here.

Below are some of the videos

One of the lizards we found in the forest at Peucang Island

One of the old trees in the forest at Tanjung Layar

Another one from Tanjung Layar

with smile,

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

The trip to Ujung Kulon (part 1)....

First of all, this is definitely not the best time to write about the trip to Ujung Kulon. Because I'm home now, sitting on a chair, surrounded by walls of my room. Because the past time will never come again as it is now gone and will never return, the best time (and way) would be to partially write as I experience each part of the trip. So I hope this can be the 2nd best time and way to write about the trip:

My best friend since day 1 in high school, Baba, his "real nick name" is Aji, from his real name, Samiaji.
My friend Piotr whom I met in Hostel Mostel in Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria, who did a perfect job to watch out for the guards in The National Art Museum in Veliko Tarnovo so I can do the mega important task of taking some pictures of the paintings.

So after picking up Baba and Piotr and their places, we started the trip at 3 p.m. through the high way until we reached the city of Serang, and then to Pandeglang, Labuan, Sumur, and finally to Taman Jaya, where we will take a boat from there to reach the island. We were told before that the road from Sumur to Taman Jaya is really bad. So we prepared ourselves for a rocky roads.

Even though there were so many curves, up hills, down hills, up hill curves and down hill curves, I can say that the road until half way between Labuan and Sumur was pretty smooth. Then , after half way to Sumur the road started to get bad.

"They're wrong! It's not from Sumur, but even half way before Sumur. But it's ok, it's not as bad as we thought"

There's been no street lights since we reached Labuan. With the landscape of the road and the blinding (fog) light of cars coming on our opposite direction, it became a little bit dangerous to drive through this road, especially when you've been driving for quite sometimes. That's why Baba took over me to drive around 7 p.m. when we're somewhere in Pandeglang.

The distance between Sumur and Taman Jaya is not too far, around 15km. And we reached Sumur at 8:40 p.m. The time we finally reached Taman Jaya was at 10:15 p.m.

What we thought as a misexplanation to us about the road from Sumur to Taman Jaya was actually true. We thought that the bad road didn't actually start from Sumur but even half way before Sumur. But looking the road from Sumur to Taman Jaya, we realized what they were talking about. It was dark, extremely quiet, incredibly many sharp rocks, and doesn't seem to have an end. We were shaked up and down, left and right. It was the longest ugly road I've ever passed with a car, looked like waves in the sea, but with big and sharp rocks every where...What an interesting beginning =)

But 10:15 p.m....
10:15 p.m. we finally got there. We arrived at Sunda Jaya Home Stay, owned by really nice guy, Mr. Komang. It's also a cheap and decent place to stay over night, only 75,000 Rupiah (around 6 Euro) per night per room for 2 people. So that's like 3 Euro per person.

Mr. Komang had prepared us dinner before we got there. So it was the right time to say "shut up!" to our noisy stomachs.

After dinner, Mr. Komar offered us if we want to get a massage. There's an old man in the village who can give us a traditional massage.

"It costs only 20,000 Rupiah (around 1.5 Euro)"
"Yesssss....we want the massage!!"

Piotr was really tired and ready to sleep. So it was me, and then Baba who took the massage.

It's already passed midnight, we needed to get some rest because we're going to travel a lot the next morning. Mr. Komar already prepared his boat for us to go to the island from the pier which is only 3 minutes away by foot from his place. We're going to leave at 7 a.m.....and it is now very late as well as I'm writing, so I will continue writing tomorrow...

with smile,