Monday, March 02, 2009

A very short tribute to something that is not as short as the title of this post...

I, I'm having a great time.
I'm finding new things,
I'm learning as always,
I'm making mistakes that keep me growing.

I'm back, back to a new place to live, a new environment.
I'm new to the environment,
just like how the environment is new to me.

It's the same exciting life, because it's different.
I'm as excited as I was, because I'm still the same, still evolving.
I'm both old and new.

My mind helps me look back sometimes, and ahead most of the times.
My eyes keep me aware of my present.
My heart takes me beyond.

For more than 25 years I managed to create new beginnings in all my middles and ends.
New beginnings keep my excitement.
It offers me unthinkable questions and challenges.
It stretches my imagination and keeps it limitless.
It offers me to add a new "new" in me, so I can put my old "new" in my "old".
It offers me life.
And life makes me both old and new...older and fresher.

This is the longest I haven't write a post in my blog, I'm living in New York now.
I'm not changing, I still have a black coffee around me when I write.
I still put three dots by the end of my posts' title.

I'm still the same...still different....still me.

with smile,