Sunday, September 21, 2014

Day 50 #HappyGoGrateful - Jerry Williams

Nobody gets the crowd going like Jerry. Smart, outgoing and easy going, Jerry is one of Washington Square Park's treasure that can both sing and entertain people. Simply, you'll smile and left the place a happier person when he is there.

You're also a very caring person, Jerry. I will never forget those times we "closed the park" and had some deep and serious conversations. You worried about me when I was down, you checked up on me and made sure I was ok. That really meant a lot to me and you really made it comfortable for me to verbally puked out my emotions. You listened, and you listened because you care.

We always played and sing "Stand by Me" whenever you came to the park...and your favorite part, the instrumental where you always get everyone to sing like a choir. I still remember every single moment. I miss that, but I miss you even more. Thank you for all those awesome jam sessions, thank you for so many great conversations, thank you for listening to me, and thank you for always standing by me whenever I needed you.You truly lived up to that song in my life.




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