Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Day 51 #HappyGoGrateful - Crystal Light

I'm one of the believers that everything happens for a reason. But that being said, sometimes it's still hard to face when something that we don't like actually happened. We need to keep reminding ourselves, or have someone or something else to remind us. Today I was reminded.

A year ago somebody screwed up my paperworks in New York. After a crazy long process of trying to make things right by doing the right things, I still ended up having to leave the city I love. Of course, I didn't like what happened. But if it didn't happen, I wouldn't know Crystal, my international student advisor,  like I do today.

Since Day 1 that we met, I didn't see anything but smiles from you. You're so passionate in trying to help me with the case. You genuinely enjoyed the challenge of helping me with my paperworks. Some would say that it's part of what you do. But I've been with many people in your role, and you have one thing that separates you from the others: you genuinely want to help people...and as we get to know each other, I realized that it's not because it's your job, but it's who you are. It's the kind of person Crystal Light is.

Though the fact that I had to leave New York really sucked, I'm really grateful that something great also came out of More than just getting the chance to know you better, we got to be friends who actually shared so many things in common. As of now, I still see your smiles all the time.What a wonderful person you are, what a beautiful friend I have.




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