Wednesday, February 26, 2014

0048 0729...

Ólafur never failed me. Always made stop, and think for a while….reflect. And I needed that.

I’ve done a lot of things since I moved back to this city. Old and new. And to some degree, I’m actually proud of it. I have expanded my work, learned a lot of new knowledge and skills I never even thought of learning before. I have made new friends, and also try so very hard to maintain relationships with those who are at this point are no longer in my day-to-day life. I have decided and acted upon my “moving forward”.

Every day I subconsciously have been counting how many days and months I’ve been living here. It’s not about whether it’s good or bad to do that. It’s just something I do every time I move to a different place. It usually keeps me aware and realize when it’s time to stop and evaluate for a bit. And really, it keeps me sane and it keeps me, well….me.

BUT….that hasn’t been the story here. I’ve jumped straight from one fast race to a faster one. It demands so much of my time and bombarded me with everything it got. Even though I know what’s been going on, I somehow couldn’t stop it because I only have the time to know, but not enough to realize

People who’ve been living in this city long enough will probably think and say "welcome (back) to Jakarta", or some other condescending things like "he’s been out for too long". I’ll just quote my friend Jimmy Jack and say, "Whatever Dude!"

A sprint in a marathon distance. That’s what I told myself. “You’re forced to sprint when you’re actually running a long distance”

Well, am I, really? To think again, actually, nobody is forcing me anything. I didn’t even realize it until now, when I have time to actually think and breathe. Usually, my favorite sparring partner and #1 critics is myself. I’ve always specifically provide time to reflect and argue to myself. That small dose of insanity every once in a while is my most powerful learning tools.

Professionally, a big part of my work is to encourage people to talk to their own selves. Apparently, I’ve been working on others and abandoned mine. And that’s a damn shame!

This world is moving faster and faster, and all we do is processing information, non-stop. From every angle of our lives. It’s demanding us to keep up with it. As a result, it creates this new addiction and turned us into these information-junkies. Without a doubt, I’m one of them now….and this needs to stop.

In business I was taught demand and supply. Well, this world is not a monopoly, so for the demand to match the supply, we need to compromise and negotiate. And negotiation is a win-win, not win-lose.

Everybody has their own world. You can only give quality-time to your world if you give some to yourself.

Takk fyrir Ólafur!