Friday, March 14, 2014

Short Story of My Private Party...

"Tunglið" made the call, and we have ourselves (literally) another conversation. It's been about 2 weeks.

All I need is slot the time. This is a private party with no another word, "no agenda" is the needed agenda.

You though, Ólafur, you don't have to go...just stay in the back for a bit, and listen to my story...

Fingers The Rusher asked Brain The Electric, "What's next? Give me some more!"

"Give me a sec will ya?!! I got a lot of things going on right truly are a rusher aren't you?!?!"

Before things got out of hand, The Heart came and told them both, calmly, but with strong confident, "Quiet now....In a few moments, I will take care of you both."

Not just Fingers and Brain, but the whole crew were glad to hear that voice. Because since like, forever, every time The Heart decided to show up and lead things, they know that good things are about to happened.

Every one is excited now that The Heart is here. They are so excited even Ears The Nosy decided to shut his whole store and concentrate to what The Heart is about to say. Soon enough he hopes....

....A little background story....

The Heart is the crew's trusted leader. Everybody goes crazy and cheer for him every single time he showed up. But that's just it, he doesn't come too often.

Theoretically, a leader who can't be relied by his/her followers will loose their trust...and rebuilding trust is harder than when you try to build it in the beginning. But somehow, The Heart's profound charisma made him so irresistible to his crew. They forgive him instantly for being away for so long.

During his away times, he always left things to his manager, Brain The Electric. Brain is a fantastic manager. No better manager than Brain. He has become a research subject of so many managers and scientists around the world on his ability to multitask a ridiculous amount of work. Everybody in the world has heard of The Brain. He is the ultimate celebrity.

But, what nobody (except the crew) knows was The Heart who's been raising Brain since he was born. The Heart was the reason why Brain is who he is today. Back then, The Heart was always there, teaching Brain about so many things on life and living...and Brain was able to master so many knowledge in a short time, because The Heart is the only one who can keep him focus and concentrate on what he's learning. The crew said that it's because The Heart's charm and charisma. "When he speaks, you don't want to listen to anything else."

But since The Heart started to go away more (and often for a long time), Brain started to loose his focus. Many times he tried to call and shout Heart's name, but nobody shout back but his own echo.

Today, before he finally heard The Heart's soft voice again, Brain was close to loosing his mind. "Yes, I'm the role model of all managers and whatever. But that doesn't mean I don't have my limit.", he thought to himself. When Fingers asked him for more letters, he decided that he's had enough. That was when he (and the whole crew) suddenly heard it, "Quiet now....In a few moments, I will take care of you both."

In a split second he knew it was The Heart. He wanted him to say those words again, just to hear his voice. But then it would mean that he'll make a sound....and that's against what he was asked to do.

"I'm too logical sometimes. They should named me Brain The Logical, instead!", he thought. Another thing is, The Heart has a very very soft voice. That is also why when he speaks, everybody else needs to focus and be quiet so he can be heard.

After that few moments, The Heart finally broke the silence:

"Brain, tell Fingers to wait a little bit. Tell him that it's ok to wait. In fact, sometimes, it's better to wait. But this time, tell him calmly."

"But he's also listening to what you said right now. In fact, the whole crew is listening"

"I know. But I want YOU to say it to him. Tell him, and I'm telling all of you here," The Heart looks to everyone there, "to take that extra moment, and just feel. If you don't have the time, then make one."

The Heart paused for a second, "Every single thing that you do means something, and you can only know and understand that meaning when you make that time for yourselves. Make the time, feel it, and I promise you will understand it. You all know that I never broke any of my promises, and this one promise is not an exception.

When you stop and feel, you'll understand many....and one of those many, is others.

When you feel, you will understand others better.
When you understand others better, you become be a better you.
When you become a better you, we become a better us."

Hearing what The Heart just said, the whole crew felt a relieve they haven't felt in a very long time.

In his relaxation, a thought came to The Brain, and he decided to ask The Heart, "Where have you been? Why did you leave us for so long?"

With love and caring Heart answered him:

"You're the best thinker of all of us, Brain. Not just the best, but the only one the crew can rely on to think and find new ways to do things. But just from looking at you now, I can feel that you've been occupying yourself with so many things you don't actually need...and it's eating your wonderful capacity to do what you do best, think.

Right now, as I clear out those trash, let me ask you a question, and give yourself a moment before answering. What do you do when a method you use repeatedly failed to achieve its purpose?"

The Brain took his moment, and said "You look for different ways."

"What will happen if you keep using that same method?"


"No! Take your time before you answer."

A short silence, and Brain said "It won't work. And you'll got frustrated."

"What will happen when one gets frustrated?"

Brain took his time, and answered "You really can't think clearly, and it will impact the quality of what you do. You can't perform your best." As Brain finishes his own words, he started to connect the dots and realized something he really couldn't believe.

"What did you do when you shouted my name and I didn't respond to you?", asked The Heart again.

Instantly he answered, "I keep shouting your name and I got nothing....and I shout some more and I got frustrated because you still didn't respond to me. I lost control of myself and the crew. I let everything comes in without questioning it first, which is what I usually do before accepting anything new. And since then I loose sight of where you are."

"Now that I've cleared those trash, tell me, what would you have done different?"

"I would've tried something else, anything else...anything but shouting. And I would've looked somewhere else, too. I realized now that I've been looking for you in the same place because I didn't have time to look elsewhere. And I know I can't ask the crew because they're the ones who rely on me. Plus, I'm the only one who can see you."

The Heart took his time, giving Brain some time to calm down, think and refocus himself.

"I never left. Asleep, yes. But I never left." The Heart says. "I've been here the whole time. But you've been looking at the wrong place. And for some reason, you've forgotten the best and easiest way to find and wake me up."

The Heart stop for a moment, and then continues, "Just by clearing your mind you can find me. And if you want to wake me, don't shout. It didn't work and it never will......touch me. Touch me and I'll be wide awake. Talk to me when I'm awake. Make time for it because that's the caffeine I need to stay awake. No coffee no nothing. Just keep talking to me and I can stay awake as long as you need...and YOU do need me. Just like I need you."